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The Controversies of Corticosteroids in Sepsis

Sepsis is a condition emergency providers manage daily and has the potential for high morbidity and mortality. Sepsis management requires rapid diagnosis, early administration of intravenous (IV) fluids with broad-spectrum antimicrobials, and source control. But what is the role for steroids in sepsis? What are the potential benefits and risks? This post will explore the evidence surrounding corticosteroids in sepsis management to help shed some light on this controversial topic.

practice updates

Chest Pain Controversies: Coronary CTA Use (Part 2)

Coronary CTA has risen to the forefront of chest pain evaluation, providing an anatomical evaluation of coronary artery vasculature. When negative, it improves negative predictive value of ACS. Additionally, CCTA allows for a better means to diagnose CAD when compared to history, physical exam, ECG, and biomarkers. But, is CCTA useful to further risk stratify low-risk patients? Who might benefit from CCTA and what are the risks?