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Medical Malpractice Insights: We’re Doctors, not Prophets…

This month’s case is another reminder to think of spinal epidural abscess in back pain patients. Doing the right thing, while not always keeping one from getting sued, will (almost always) keep a jury on your side. We are not responsible for foreseeing the future.


Top emDocs Posts of 2019

This year has been full of great #FOAMed, and the emDOCs team is incredibly grateful for our readers, our editorial team, and our awesome authors. You and your amazing support keep us going. Here is our list of top posts from 2019. Stay tuned for an exciting 2020, and thanks again for your support!


An Understated Myth? Strep Throat & Rheumatic Fever

Sore throat (aka, pharyngitis) is the 3rd most common complaint for physician visits.  Although the overwhelming majority of these cases are viral in origin (rhinovirus ~20%), the major focus of our attention in the ED stems around the question of “strep (GAS) vs not strep” and who gets antibiotics…. does anyone need antibiotics? And what about rheumatic fever?