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Inconsolable Infant

Before you jump to the conclusion that this is merely “Colic” in the 2 month old, let us quickly highlight some entities that should be at the top of your DDx when evaluating the inconsolable child

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Hypertensive Crisis in Kids

I think that we’d all agree that 144/89 is not a normal blood pressure, but it is one that those of us who have the pleasure of caring for adults will look at with almost a sense of comfort – because it isn’t 70/30 or 210/120. Unfortunately, however, this sense of reassurance cannot be had when dealing with children. Depending on the patient’s sex, age, and height, 144/89 may not only represent hypertension but may be associated with hypertensive crisis in kids!

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Atropine Not Needed for RSI

We have covered several other pediatric EM myths and misconceptions previously: Cuffed ETT are ok, a doughnut is not a good shape for LP Positioning, the 500:1 rule should not be used, Oral Rehydration is faster than IV, and you can/should give morphine to kids you are worried have appendicitis. Recently, I was reminded of another myth that continues to have a foothold: Atropine and RSI.


Pediatric SHOCK Index

Originally published at Pediatric EM Morsels on March 6, 2015. Reposted with permission. Follow Dr. Sean M. Fox on twitter @PedEMMorsels Fortunately, the critically ill child is not as common in the Emergency Department as the critically ill adult. Unfortunately, when the critically ill child does arrive, it can be challenging to recognize him/her initially. This […]