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Penetrating Trauma: What We Miss and How We Can Improve

The patient with penetrating trauma can present with many different injuries. The majority of injuries are easily diagnosed. What about the patient with pneumothorax, diaphragmatic injury, ureteral injury, and hollow viscus injury? These are not so easy to diagnose, and delay in management can cause significant morbidity and mortality. This post provides pearls and pitfalls for these conditions.

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Post-Intubation Complications in ED Setting

We are masters of the airway, often managing life-threatening scenarios and conditions. However, the patient who decompensates around the time of intubation, or directly after the procedure, can be frightening. What can you do to mimize these events?

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Headache Management: Best Current Evidence for the ED

Every provider has their own twist on the standard "headache cocktail", but what is the evidence behind the individual medications for headache management? What about treating headaches in the pregnant or pediatric patient? This post seeks to answer these questions and more.