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Is vancomycin/zosyn the answer for everything?

The combination of vancomycin and zosyn is commonly utilized in the ED for a variety of infections. However, recent literature suggests this combo may not always be needed. When should you use vanc/zosyn, and when is it not needed? This post will provide a background on the medications and evaluate indications for treatment and potential problems with their use.

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Must Know Antimicrobial Regimens – Adults

There are certain diseases we see every day in the ED, including pneumonia, UTI, and cellulitis. A variety of antimicrobials exists, but what are the regimens that you must know for treating common infections in the ED? This post evaluates your "must know" regimens for treatment.

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Evaluation of Fever in the Emergency Department

The patient with fever in the ED is a common occurrence. There are many etiologies for fever including non-infectious and infectious causes, some life-threatening. This post is full of pearls and pitfalls in the evaluation and management of patients with fever in the ED.


Pneumonia Mimics: Pearls and Pitfalls

Pneumonia is an illness frequently seen in our emergency departments. But, are all presentations actually pneumonia? Are we missing other illnesses that present similarly to pneumonia? Which ones pose significant morbidity and mortality risk to our patients? What clues are out there that will aid us in making an alternative and critical diagnosis?