Hanson’s Anatomy – where the art of procrastination meets the study of medicine

We at emDocs.net would like to introduce you to Dr. Katelyn Hanson, a current EM/IM resident. She is the originator of Hanson’s Anatomy – where the art of procrastination meets the study of medicine.

From Dr. Hanson: “I signed up to be totally overwhelmed by the vast amount of knowledge I needed to learn, comprehend, and recite at a moment’s notice. I signed up to, at first, completely doubt my entire existence and wonder how I even made it to med school in the first place, and question my ability to be good enough or smart enough or hard-working enough to actually learn everything that is essential to learn.

And at first, it appeared I would not be able to get through med school because first year consisted of long, drawn out, auditory lectures. I’ve never been good at sitting still for long, and I tend to zone out if I’m not interacting with what’s in front of me. My brain finds its own ways to keep itself occupied, which rarely involves paying attention to what is being taught in front of me.​

At first, I struggled to stay motivated to study. I felt almost defeated by the abundance of knowledge that’s needed to become a doctor.

Then I realized one thing that is invaluable to know. Whether in med school or any other school, whether you study anatomy or law or business or whatever, it is crucial to know that we all learn in different ways. I needed to focus on what works best for me. So I turned studying medicine & the human anatomy into something I could truly enjoy.

At first, it started as doodles of medical concepts or human anatomy during lectures. The doodles in lecture then turned into self-assigned homework of drawing notes & anatomy study guides that combined knowledge from many anatomy & medical textbooks.

And then it seemed like I wasn’t struggling at all. The human body became alive and I started to exclusively draw my notes and write in big, bright, beautiful colors. And while studying medicine in the cold of New England, I infused med school with that bright joie de vie I found in New Orleans.

And Hanson’s Anatomy, in retrospect, was born.”

We are pleased to announce Dr. Hanson will be an editor and regular contributor to our site, featuring her amazing pieces. And just for several examples, see these below:

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