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EM@3AM – Diverticulitis

A 62-year-old male presents with left lower quadrant pain, which he states is "exactly like his episode of diverticulitis." His vital signs are within normal limits and his abdominal exam remarkable only for mild abdominal tenderness to palpation. How do you evaluate and treat this patient? Read this week's review of acute diverticulitis for management pearls.


EM@3AM – Beta-Blocker Toxicity

A two-year-old male presents to the emergency department following the ingestion of his grandmother's propranolol. Upon presentation, the young boy is lethargic. EKG demonstrates sinus bradycardia (heart rate: 39 beats per minute) and a first degree AV block. How do you treat this patient's bradycardia? Read this week's review of beta-blocker toxicity for a rapid refresher.