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EM@3AM: Lisfranc Injury

A 33-year-old male comes in to the emergency department after a soccer game with right foot pain and swelling.  He has been unable to bear weight on his right foot since the injury and has noticed increased pain and swelling to the area. Physical exam reveals a patient in mild discomfort with right foot swelling and pain. He is unable to bear weight, and right foot exam is notable for midfoot edema with plantar ecchymosis. What is the diagnosis, and what are your next steps?

Pain Profiles

Pain Profiles: Effects of anticholinergic medications to decrease extrapyramidal side effects in patients taking acute antiemetics

Today we bring a practice changer in the Pain Profiles series by Dr. David Cisewski. This post looks at using prophylactic anticholinergics in patients receiving antiemetics to reduce extrapyramidal side effects. We follow the normal post with highlights from Twitter and expert commentary from Sergey Motov.