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EM@3AM: Hypothermia

A 37-year-old female with history of alcohol and drug abuse is brought in after being found asleep on a bench on a cold winter morning. She is unresponsive. Vital signs are notable for HR 45, BP 85/40, SaO2 90%, rectal temperature 29C. Naloxone is given with no improvement, and the patient is intubated. On exam she is unresponsive, pulses show irregular rhythm, and extremities are cool. POC glucose is 65. What is the likely diagnosis, and what is the first step?

EM Cases

EM Cases: Emergency Approach to Resolved Seizures

In this Episode 132 Emergency Approach to Resolved Seizures, Dr. Paul Koblic and Dr. Aylin Reid discuss with Anton the nuances in history taking, physical examination, workup and management of the patient who presents to the ED after suffering a seizure.