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EM@3AM: Cerebellar Stroke

A 53-year-old female with a history of hypertension presents to the ED with headache and dizziness.  Her symptoms have been constant over the last two weeks. Triage vital signs (VS) include BP 163/89, HR 78, T 98.4, RR 14, SpO2 98% on room air. On exam, no nystagmus is noted. Her extraocular movements and cranial nerves II-XII are intact, strength of all four extremities is 5/5 without any focal weakness, and there are no appreciable sensory deficits. There is, however, dysmetria of the right upper extremity. What should you consider?

PEM Currents

PEM Currents – Agitation in Children – Episode 3: Pharmacologic Management

When we think of managing agitated patients we think of medicines – but that shouldn’t be our first option. However, medications can be adjuncts to non-pharmacologic means to help keep agitated children safe from harm. This podcast episode is all about age-appropriate pharmacologic management strategies for agitated children.