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EM@3AM: Brugada Syndrome

A 36-year-old female presents to the ED after experiencing an episode of sudden syncope. The patient has no significant past medical history, and reports that she was walking to the end of her driveway to retrieve her mail when she suddenly collapsed to the ground. She recalls waking up on her driveway with concerned neighbors gathered around her. The patient states that this has never happened before. On arrival, she is stable and well-appearing. Exam is normal. ECG demonstrates coved ST segment elevation >2mm in V1-V3 followed by a negative T wave. What is the diagnosis?


EM@3AM: Extensor Tendon Laceration

A 35-year-old right handed male with no significant past medical history presents with a deep hand laceration. The patient states they suffered a cut with a box cutter at a construction site. He presents to the ED with profound difficulty extending his middle and ring finger and a laceration over the extensor surface. What is the diagnosis?