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Atropine Not Needed for RSI

We have covered several other pediatric EM myths and misconceptions previously: Cuffed ETT are ok, a doughnut is not a good shape for LP Positioning, the 500:1 rule should not be used, Oral Rehydration is faster than IV, and you can/should give morphine to kids you are worried have appendicitis. Recently, I was reminded of another myth that continues to have a foothold: Atropine and RSI.


Endovascular Stroke Therapy: Is This the New Standard?

Every few years, we come to a crossroads that makes us reexamine our current clinical practice and consider a better intervention. For the past twenty years, patients presenting with acute ischemic stroke have had essentially one option for therapy: intravenous thrombolytics. Since the NINDS-2 trial in 1995 [1], tPA has erupted onto the scene of stroke management and has become the gold standard despite ongoing questions behind the true efficacy of tPA.