The EM Educator Series: Think Twice About Your Peds Case

Author: Alex Koyfman, MD (@EMHighAK) // Edited by: Brit Long, MD (@long_brit) and Manpreet Singh, MD (@MprizzleER)

Welcome back to the EM Educator Series. These posts provide brief mini-cases followed by key questions to consider while working. The featured questions provide important learning points for those working with you, as well as vital items to consider in the evaluation and management of the specific condition discussed.

This week has another downloadable PDF document with questions, links and answers you can share with learners as educators in #MedEd. Please message us over Twitter and let us know if you have any feedback on ways to improve this for you. Enjoy!

Case 1:

A 3-year-old female is brought in by her parents for lower extremity and perineum burns. On your exam, the burns are symmetric, and they are circumferential. When you ask how the burns occurred, the father says the patient pulled a pot of hot water off the stove.

Case 2:

A 6-month-old male presents with his mom for crying and “pain all over”. On your exam, his vital signs are normal. However, you find bruises on the patient’s chest, abdomen, and back, all of varying colors.  The mother states without prompting that “he took a tumble down some stairs yesterday and has been crying ever since”.



1) What are important pediatric milestones, and how can they assist in your evaluation for abuse?

2) What are red flags on history and examination for child abuse?

3) What are injuries that may occur with child abuse? Fractures // head trauma // abdominal trauma // burns // oral // bruises

4) What is the ED management, and who requires reporting?


Suggested Resources:

#FOAMed Articles:








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