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EM@3AM: Myocarditis

A 18-year-old male presents with chest pain and shortness of breath for several days. Approximately one week prior he was suffering from myalgia, congestion, sore throat, and fever and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Today his vitals are HR 132, RR 28, BP 92/48, T 37.8 C, and Sats 95% on RA. What should you consider, and what are your next steps?

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emDocs Cases: ED Approach to Agitation

Welcome to this edition of emDocs Cases. This will be a case-based discussion of EM topics, ranging from core to cutting edge and controversial. This post evaluates something all-too-common in emergency medicine: the agitated patient.


EM@3AM: Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP)

A 6-year-old male presents with rash, joint pain, and abdominal pain. VS are normal, and exam reveals palpable purpura in the lower extremities. His abdomen is not tender to palpation, and his testicles are normal. Platelets and coagulation panel are normal. What is the diagnosis?


The EM Educator Series: Sepsis in the ED

Welcome back to The EM Educator Series! These posts provide brief mini-cases followed by key questions to consider while working and educating. Today we look at several components of sepsis evaluation and management in the ED, followed by key references.


EM@3AM: Hepatic Encephalopathy

A 52-year-old male with a history of severe liver disease, cirrhosis, and hepatitis C presents with altered mental status. His vital signs are normal, and he displays asterixis on exam, with otherwise normal neurologic exam. His ECG, head CT, and labs are normal. What should you consider, and what are your next steps?