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EM@3AM: Post Cardiac Arrest Care

A 42-year-old male is brought in by EMS with ventricular fibrillation. You are finally able to obtain ROSC, though the patient remains comatose. What are your next steps? This week's EM@3AM covers post cardiac arrest care.

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The Young Cardiac Arrest Patient

Managing the patient in cardiac arrest is both frightening and exhilarating. The majority of arrests in older patients is due to CAD. The young cardiac arrest patient presents a difficult situation for the emergency provider. In general, younger patients are healthier than their geriatric counterparts. There are differences in physiology which may contribute to different prognosis and care. This post reviews the literature behind cardiac arrest in the younger patient.

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Epinephrine in Cardiac Arrest

"It’s time to re-examine this recommendation"
Epinephrine in cardiac arrest: helpful for ROSC, but maybe not so much for good neurological outcomes. Anand Swaminathan, MD MPH takes a thought-provoking look at the historical evidence behind this practice, as well as at newer evidence that calls its benefit into question.