Ask Me Anything (FOAM Style)

We are excited to introduce a new medium for better connecting the FOAM EM community!

What is an Ask Me Anything (AMA)? Great question! AMA is when a notable or interesting person, for a designated period of time, will be available to answer questions presented by forum users. As you may know,, has a similar thread but with very large downsides for the FOAM EM users. Almost all of AMA posts are completely anonymous (which takes away all context and perspective for readers), feature irrelevant questions (that often stray away from the purpose of the thread), or lose a professional tone (something we appreciate in our FOAM world).

While we believe overall is an amazing site, we will offer a few neat twists on our Ask Me Anything thread.

  1. There will be no anonymity. What better way to get to know each other than using our real names? Every Ask Me Anything host will be revealed so you know who is answering the questions.
  2. Questions should be suitable for a professional arena.  Here’s an example: “Reuben, what is it about Ketamine that makes it your go-to medication?”  Or  “What resource do you use to improve your knowledge of EM?
  3. This is meant to be dynamic, helpful and fun!

So on June 19th from 3-5pm EST, go to and ask away!

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