Spoken Word Poetry Meets Medicine: I’ve Got Your Back

Author: Alex Koyfman, MD (@EMHighAK) // Edited by: Mike Weinstock, MD (@embouncebacks) and Brit Long, MD (@long_brit)

One thought on “Spoken Word Poetry Meets Medicine: I’ve Got Your Back”

  1. This is a poem for all those who serve in a leadership capacities in EM. It is thought provoking. Ask almost any person with a job requiring judgment and decision making under uncertainty the following question: “What makes a good boss?”. Almost invariably the first comment is “She/he had my back”. This activity is not always easy however and in some circumstances not necessarily intuitive. So it behooves leadership to study this activity. In fact since each emergency physician is a leader , it behooves each doctor to study how to support their colleagues. This is not an enabling activity for bad behavior however. It is support for honest effort and knowledge in situations that are frequently only clear in hindsight.

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