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PEM Playbook

PEM Playbook – Pediatric Pain

Pain is multifactorial: it is comprised of physical, psychological, emotional, cultural, and contextual features. In children often the predominant feature may not be initially apparent. Although clinicians may focus on the physical component of pain, much time, energy, and suffering can be saved through a holistic approach.

PEM Playbook

PEM Playbook – Pediatric Elbow Injuries

Johnny has fallen on an outstretched hand, and comes to you with a swollen, painful elbow. Position of comfort, analgesia, xrays, and now what? What am I seeing — or not seeing — here?

PEM Playbook

PEM Playbook – Failure to Thrive

Failure to Thrive (FTT) is not just for the clinics. We need to be on the lookout, because if we find it, there is already a big problem.