emDOCs Podcast – Episode 12: Pediatric Toxicology and One Pill/Taste Can Kill

Today on the emDocs cast with Brit Long, MD (@long_brit) and Manpreet Singh, MD (@MprizzleER) we cover pediatric toxicology and one pill/taste can kill toxins.

Pediatric Toxicology – One Pill/Taste Can Kill

Main Points

  • If you have a child that presents concerning for toxic ingestion, contact the poison control center.
  • Identification of children with clinical toxidromes concerning for ingestion requires vigilance on the part of the clinician.
  • Careful questioning of the family/caretakers is required to identify potential exposures.
  • In pediatric exposures with known time of ingestion and early presentation, activated charcoal may be considered for early decontamination in the asymptomatic patient who is protecting his/her airway.
  • The following table provides a breakdown of the toxins and their treatments.


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