emDOCs Podcast – Episode 87: Conquering Mid-Shift Overwhelm

Today on the emDOCs cast, we have a guest piece by Rob Orman, MD.

If you want to hear the coaching session where Brit and Rob deconstructed his shift and came up with this strategy, it’s here.

Episode 87: Conquering Mid-Shift Overwhelm


  • Documenting an H&P, and especially an MDM, in real time requires you to have a robust template library. If you’re reliant on free texting, this will not work. Here are some of my favorite templates that saved me hundreds of hours. 

2 thoughts on “emDOCs Podcast – Episode 87: Conquering Mid-Shift Overwhelm”

  1. Great read and listen. I think one thing not mentioned is also reading our internal bodily cues such as hunger/thirst, etc. Something that always adds to mid shift overwhelm is having a mountain of tasks while also starting to become hungry and dehydrated. Personally, priority two after stabilizing critical patients can be taking 3 minutes to eat something as I prioritize my next round of tasks. Even a granola bar will do if I am too busy. I have gotten in the habit of eating something as soon as I start to become a bit frazzled. I find it takes a huge edge of the Kraken if you have some glucose in the body to think with. Everyone is different but our jobs are very physically and mentally demanding and we should prioritize fueling ourselves!

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