One Life

Author: Alex Koyfman, MD (@EMHighAK) // Edited by: Michael Weinstock, MD (@embouncebacks)


1 day in Florence

Which way is The Uffizi?

En route, the question carried with him

“English can’t be the 4th language you learned’? You’re white and have a Boston accent”

But try to understand

His son speaks 3 languages

He has lived in 4 countries

He has 5 grandchildren

He has been mistaken before.


He is diversity

He is confusing –

Now that softens the blows


Different is beautiful; a ‘spice’ of life we all agree… but sometimes terrifying

Our world spits vigor

The splendor we see in our passions

We don’t design or control

Intrigued and relaxed, safe in our homes, we are free to follow our desires, free to

Devour 1 life

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