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R.E.B.E.L. EM – Management and Disposition of Low Risk Chest Pain

Chest Pain (CP) is a very common complaint seen in emergency departments around the world. In the US specifically anywhere from 8 – 10 million patients present to the ED complaining of CP. Many use liberal testing strategies to prevent missing acute coronary syndrome (ACS) or other major advers...

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Pediatric Chest Pain

Children like to pretend to be grown-ups. Unfortunately, sometimes they develop grown-up problems (Cholelithiasis, Kidney Stones, and Hypertension). Additionally, often kids will complain of symptoms that warrant great concern in adults, but often engender apathy when considered in children. Chest Pain is a great example of one of these complaints.

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The Low-Risk Chest Pain Conundrum: Part 1

[Editor's note: For a limited time, Tintinalli's is making their full chapter entitled "Chest Pain: Cardiac or Not?" available to emDocs readers.] Low-risk chest pain. Examining and challenging "standard of care."