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FOAMed Resources Part VIII: EMS/Prehospital

The prehospital environment is where emergency medicine begins. EMS providers must function in some of the most difficult conditions with limited supplies. FOAMed can allow emergency providers of all levels to stay up to date with cutting edge resuscitation and prehospital literature. This post evaluates EMS/prehospital FOAMed resources.

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FOAMed Resources Part VII: Medical Education and Simulation

All physicians are teachers. However, becoming a great teacher does not occur overnight, and in the stressful setting of the ED, it can be difficult to educate those around you. This part of the FOAMed series looks at resources geared towards education and simulation.

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FOAMed Resources Part VI: The Fundamentals

Today we cover Part VI of the FOAMed series. This post provides resources on core, fundamental knowledge for EM to get you started. A strong foundation allows growth and development, and these resources provide that and so much more.


The FOAMed Revolution Continues…

FOAMed has transformed medical eduction. We give you another step forward in improving knowledge translation. Read on to discover how.

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FOAMed Resource Series Part V: Critical Care

Welcome to Part V of the FOAMed resource series! Today, we cover critical care, with several blogs and podcasts that could be considered the founders of FOAMed. This post is full of resources for those who love resuscitation.

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FOAMed Resource Series Part IV: Toxicology

"Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy." - Paracelsus Toxicology is an ever-growing field. Staying up to date can be difficult, but FOAMed comes to the rescue again! Welcome to Part IV of the FOAMed Resource Series.

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FOAMed Resource Series Part III: Pediatrics

"Kids are not just little adults." While this statement generates controversy, a sick pediatric patient in the ED can be scary. Staying up to date with the most current pediatric EM literature can be difficult, but FOAMed can help. Welcome to Part III of the FOAMed series, where we will cover pediatric EM resources.