FOAMed Resources Part VI: The Fundamentals

Author: Brit Long, MD (@long_brit, EM Attending Physician, SAUSHEC) // Edited by: Alex Koyfman, MD (@EMHighAK)

Now on to Part VI: The Fundamentals. This post evaluates EM core knowledge. Just like in sports, medicine is all about a strong foundation. Our prior posts have evaluated resources including ECG, pediatrics, toxicology, US, and critical care.

From day 1 of medical school, we work to develop a strong core and foundation for future learning. No matter how long you have been practicing, every provider can learn something new. A strong foundation allows for further expansion and growth.

The following list is comprised of blogs/podcasts chosen based on educational value, applicability to EM, content validity, and appropriate citation; however, the numbers do not indicate a rating. As before, if you have like other resources and have found them useful, comment below. Thanks for reading!




Flipped EM Classroom is a great place to start for learners and residents. This online curriculum from Clerkship Directors in EM contains videos and links on the approach to common complaints in EM, as well as specific diseases. Each page you select provides several videos and show notes. This resource is indispensable for those starting their career in EM.




CORE EM is a great resource from NYU and Anand Swaminathan, “dedicated to bringing Emergency Providers all things core content Emergency Medicine. In the spirit of Emergency Medicine our content is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.” CORE EM fulfills this promise and much more. This resource has a podcast with over 60 episodes, blog posts covering key topics, procedural videos, and journal review with breakdown of EM literature.




EM BASIC from Steve Carroll is for predominantly medical students and interns learning the foundational skills of EM. This podcasts begins with a chief complaint, from which the host covers vital components of the history, physical examination, workup, and treatment. Shownotes in pdf format are also provided.




Emergency Medicine Cases from Anton Helman is a free medical education podcast, blog, and website which targets physicians, residents, students, nurses, and paramedics. Starting in 2010, this podcast now has over 1.5 million downloads. This resource covers a topic with at least 2 experts, often in a case-based discussion. Each podcast is accompanied by in-depth notes for further learning. The site also has a best evidence section, Best Case Ever, CritCases, Journal Jam, and EM Cases Digest.


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Crack Cast on CanadiEM is built on Core Rosen’s Medical Knowledge with a podcast covering the basic content of each chapter of Rosen’s tremendous textbook. Shownotes with key points are provided for each podcast. CanadiEM is also a great resource, especially their “Boring Cards,” which are quick review points on common board and clinical topics.




EM in 5 is a great resource for those of you with 5 minutes or less to learn about a key topic in EM. Topics include airway, cardiac, neurology, OB, ophthalmology, derm, orthopedics, ECG, education, EMS, endocrine, pediatric, respiratory, ENT, urology, trauma, US, ID, toxicology, and others.




FOAMcast from Jeremy Faust and Lauren Westafer is a great resource that brings together FOAMed and Core Content into monthly, 15-20 minute podcasts with shownotes. Each post contains some of the most up to date FOAMed from around the world. Rosh Review questions on the topic at the end of each podcast/post provide further education.




This blog from the residents of Kings County Hospital ED provides evidence-based medicine reviews, interesting cases, ECGs, images, toxicology, pediatric, and board review topics. They also have lectures from Grand Rounds. For those with only a couple of minutes at a time to learn, this site contains succinct educational pearls on core topics.




RCEM FOAMed Network is a virtual learning network that produces a monthly literature review podcast on new literature, guideline review podcast, podcast summaries, interviews with topic experts, and a blog with educational points. The content is easily searchable and categorized by subject matter.




First 10 EM is a resource from Justin Morgenstern devoted to understanding key actions in the first 10 minutes of management and resuscitation of critically ill patients. Posts take the form of scenarios, allowing readers and learners to visualize the case and necessary steps. This site contains procedural and examination videos, handouts, simulation resources, and articles of the month (a look at key literature in EM).




Emergency Medicine Updates from Reuben Strayer originated from flashcards. These functioned as summaries of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine. Over 1410 cards were posted, which has grown over time. These searchable flashcards are great to have while on shift or if studying a short period of time. The blog also contains tremendous posts on common ED issues.




St. Emlyn’s is a collection of FOAMed aimed at improving the practice of EM. The site contains a virtual hospital with cases, Best Bets for evidence-based reviews, and great blog posts. The podcast covers key FOAMed and foundational topics in EM.




HEFT EMCAST is from the Heart of England’s Foundation Trust’s ED. The site produces evidence-based updates and posts with a podcast. The ED Knowledge Nuggets are a great way to obtain a succinct review of EM topics.




ALiEM AIR Certified Series provides high quality blog posts and podcasts from the FOAMed universe on key content. The ALiEM selection board evaluates and selects the content based on a scoring tool. Thus far, modules include Cardiology, Respiratory, GU/Renal, OBGYN, environmental, Neurology, Cutaneous, and orthopedics. This is a great resource, as each module takes anywhere from 1 to 6 hours to complete and contains some of the best content in one place.




R.E.B.E.L. EM covers a range of topics, mainly focusing on EBM, ECGs, and inservice/board review topics. Originally from Salim Rezaie, this resource is packed full of learning with a podcast (REBEL Cast) and review topics (REBEL Reviews). The blog content is succinct and easy to follow in bullet format, always providing a “Clinical Bottom Line” with important points. Each post also links to other resources on the same topic.




Yes, I am a little biased, but brings you great content based on literature updates and core knowledge in the form of three to five weekly posts. This resource covers practice updates, interesting cases, junior knowledge (1-2 page write ups on common ED entities), and other great FOAMed resources (Peds EM Morsels, R.E.B.E.L. EM, and CORE EM). The searchable blog provides succinct reviews on many ED conditions.

Just like last week’s critical care resources, we sought to bring you the top educational resources for foundational development.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next week’s resource list on educational and simulation resources.

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