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In the Literature

Contrast-Induced Nephropathy: Confounding Causation

A great deal of controversy surrounds the association of IV contrast with acute renal injury. However, a recent study suggests this association is myth rather than fact. This post by Dr. Sinert evaluates this new study and the importance of confounders.


GI Bleeds: Who Needs ICU Level Care?

Having difficulty determining whether or not your GI bleeder is stable for the floor? Read on as we discuss risk stratification tools and risk factors for severe GI bleeds.

In the Literature

Penetrating Trauma: What We Miss and How We Can Improve

The patient with penetrating trauma can present with many different injuries. The majority of injuries are easily diagnosed. What about the patient with pneumothorax, diaphragmatic injury, ureteral injury, and hollow viscus injury? These are not so easy to diagnose, and delay in management can cause significant morbidity and mortality. This post provides pearls and pitfalls for these conditions.