Mini Intern Bootcamp

Mini Intern Bootcamp

Every July, a countless number of bright-eyed Emergency Medicine interns will exit their 4th year slumber and wake up to a sobering shower of utter confusion. I know this because I remember well the day I forgot 4 years of medical education. It wasn’t that long ago for me. Allow me to introduce a project that may ease the interns’ hemorrhage of medical knowledge. You may think of it as tranexamic acid for traumatized and bleeding intern – it just may reduce your interns’ ED mortality rate.

The Cardinal Symptom chapters of Rosen’s are goldmines of medical morsels practically designed to nourish the intern for his or her first month in the ED. We thought, what better way to prepare them than to baste them in the goodness of Rosen’s? Each intern at our program prepared a one page summary of an individual Cardinal Symptom chapter. There are 24 in total, so several had to ‘double-up.’ When combined, they serve as a quick reference guide, able to be accessed on a shift via smart phone. We think the learning, and re-learning, will be invaluable. Let us know if you agree.

Ben Cooper, MD
Education Chief Resident
Parkland Memorial Hospital / UT Southwestern Medical Center

Cardinal Symptom Summaries:

For your convenience, here’s all the summaries together in a single PDF.

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  1. I think this will be very helpful, would be nice to see the rest. Greetings from Costa Rica

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