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practice updates

AMA with Deborah Diercks – SAEM President & UTSW EM Chair – 2/2/15

Live Blog Ask Me Anything With Deborah Diercks window.cilAsyncInit = function() {cilEmbedManager.init()};(function() {if (window.cilVwRand === undefined) { window.cilVwRand = Math.floor(Math.random()*10000000); }var e = document.createElement('script');e.async = true;var domain = (document.loca...

practice updates

Acute Chest Syndrome

Often, the dreaded complications that we are taught to look for don’t present to us in the Emergency Department, but develop and evolve during the hospitalization that began with the patient seeing us in the ED. Our skill can help the child in distress, but our vigilance can detect the evolving A...

practice updates

Lyceum Bullets: Trauma

Questions addressed by EM Lyceum and bulleted by emDocs: 1. When do you use tranexamic acid in trauma? 2. When you can’t get peripheral access in a trauma patient, do you prefer subclavian, femoral, or IO? 3. Which trauma patients do you give PCC to over FFP? 4. In blunt abdominal/flank trauma, do you send a urinalysis or simply look for gross hematuria?