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D-List Superbugs: Clostridium botulinum

Check out our latest in our D-List Superbugs series of rare cases caused by rare bugs. EM docs need to have these in their differential as it can cause national morbidity/mortality!

practice updates

EM Mindset: Rob Orman – The Successful ED Mindset

We at emDocs are proud to introduce our new series called "EM Mindset." We hope our audience enjoys the pearls of wisdom that each of these seasoned EM vets have to offer on developing the "EM Mindset." In case you missed it, please check out the first post of this series by Bob Stuntz. Look out for "EM Mindset Mondays." Enjoy!


Management of Cellulitis in the Immunocompromised Patient

Pearls and Pitfalls Cellulitis that is associated with purulent drainage is commonly associated with Staphylococcus Aureus compared to non-purulent cellulitis that is more commonly β hemolytic streptococcus. Antimicrobial therapy should be directed at the organism in question. Cellulitis may not a...