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Multiple Sclerosis in the ED: Pearls & Pitfalls

Remember that disease you learned about from medical school that presents with varying neurological issues which occur over time? This post details multiple sclerosis in the ED.

practice updates

Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle: Pearls and Pitfalls of ED Management

Pedestrian-vs-automobile accidents are a common source of severe blunt poly-trauma. Check out this write-up on a a discussion of the mechanism, injury patterns, and management options to consider when evaluating one of these patients in your busy department.

practice updates

When is Capnography Useful in the ED? Part II

Welcome to Part II of capnography uses in the ED. Capnography is increasingly being utilized in the ED, primarily for endotracheal intubation, cardiac arrest, and procedural sedation. This post will introduce you to several other uses for capnography.