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Sinusitis Mimics: ED-relevant pearls and pitfalls

Your next patient is a 17-year-old male you had seen one week before for fever and congestion, diagnosed with a viral upper respiratory infection.  He returns this time for nasal congestion, severe frontal headache, fevers, sore throat, and nasal drainage.  When he looks around the room, he gets d...

practice updates

ECG Pointers: Pericarditis

Welcome to the new ECG Pointers, an EMDocs series designed to give you high yield tips about ECGs to keep your interpretation skills sharp. Today, we look at pericarditis.

practice updates

emDocs Cases: Headache Management in the ED

NSAIDs, acetaminophen, steroids, triptans, antidopaminergics, oxygen, IV fluids, diphenhydramine... What's in your "headache cocktail"? This emDocs post looks at the evidence behind treatment of headaches in the ED.