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Pancreatitis: Pearls & Pitfalls

Pancreatitis seems straightforward in terms of evaluation, management, and disposition, but recent literature suggests we should make some changes. This post evaluates the ED evaluation and management of pancreatitis.

practice updates

EM Cases: Emergency Management of Intracerebral Hemorrhage – The Golden Hour

The skill with which you manage your patient with ICH in those first few hours could be the most important determinant of their outcome. In this Golden Hour you have a chance to prevent hematoma expansion, stabilize intracerebral perfusion and give your patient the best chance of survival with neurologic recovery.


ECG Pointers: TCA Overdose

What do you need to consider when looking at an ECG in the setting of a TCA overdose? Better yet, what findings on an ECG suggest TCA ingestion? Learn more about TCAs on this edition of ECG Pointers.