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A Case of Rare Cause of DVT in the Young, Healthy Patient

A 44-year-old female comes to the ED with left lower extremity swelling. The patient notes increased swelling and discoloration to her entire left leg for three days, associated with aching pain. In a patient without any risk factors for thrombus or any other medical reason for hypercoagulability, what could cause an unprovoked left lower extremity thrombus?


ECG Pointers: Posterior MI

Welcome to this week's ECG Pointers, an emDOCs series designed to give you high yield tips about ECGs to keep your interpretation skills sharp. This week we discuss how to identify a posterior STEMI, which can commonly be mistaken as a NSTEMI.

practice updates

emDocs Cases: ED Approach to Agitation

Welcome to this edition of emDocs Cases. This will be a case-based discussion of EM topics, ranging from core to cutting edge and controversial. This post evaluates something all-too-common in emergency medicine: the agitated patient.

practice updates

An Evidence-Based Approach to Pressors in Shock: Part I

We use vasopressor agents almost daily in the ED, but what's the evidence behind these medications? Can we fine-tune our utilization of pressor agents? This is the first of a two part series evaluating pressor agents in shock.